Customer Support

LoanSphere™ Invoicing Contact Information

    LoanSphere™ Invoicing PowerCell Support:

    LoanSphere™ Invoicing PowerCell Support : 904-854-5462  Option 1
Vendor Activations
    Attorney Vendors - LoanSphere™ Invoicing will activate at your Servicer's request.

    REO Brokers - Contact your Servicer for activation.

    All other vendors are activated by the Implementations Department.
Logins,Password Resets
For login assistance and
password resets


Forget your password? Password Expired? Exceeded the maximum attempts at your login?

  • If your access has not expired, you can request a new password be sent to you via email by selecting the Forgot Your Password? link on the login page.
  • You will be asked for your company code, username, and email address.
  • Do you keep your email address up-to-date in your user set-ups? Passwords can only be sent to email addresses that are validated for the username needing assistance.
  • Passwords can only be sent to users if their access is not expired.
  • If you are a user with Admin permissions, you can request that the Auto Password Email functionality be turned on for your company code. This will affect all users under the company code.

To turn on this feature, an Admin user must submit a request in writing to LoanSphere™ Invoicing by email to It is recommended that “Auto Password Email” be part of the subject of the email and that the company code and specific authorization be provided.

For all other password assistance, please contact your company administrator first. If you need further assistance with your login, you can contact LoanSphere™ Invoicing at or (904)854-5462. Please use an email address that can be validated to your username and provide your company code and username for the quickest response.

General Information
If a loan is unavailable to bill in
LoanSphere™ Invoicing:
    Verify that your loan/asset number matches your referral. If you still
    cannot submit your invoice, contact your Servicer for validation of the loan/asset before it can be added to LoanSphere™ Invoicing.
If you have an inquiry regarding
the payment of an invoice
submitted in LoanSphere™
    Contact the Servicer directly
Training Department Contact Information
Contact Info

This site is the gateway to tools and information that will help you become familiar with the LoanSphere™ Invoicing suite of applications. Resource materials, such as LoanSphere™ Invoicing Frequently Asked Questions, are available. Additionally, Quick Reference Guides, Instructor-Led and Web-Based training courses are available in the Learning & Resource Portal. If you’re new to the portal, click Take a Tour for a virtual demonstration on how to log in, view your training plan, and register for additional courses.
Payments to LoanSphere™ Invoicing
LoanSphere™ Invoicing Payment

Currently, we only accept checks
sent to the following address to
pay your LoanSphere™ Invoicing
Monthly Statement. You must login
to obtain your monthly statement.
Look under 'Reports' on your tool
bar for Vendor Monthly Statement.
We do not mail or email
statements to you.

Make checks payable to:
    LoanSphere Invoicing

Mail to the following address:
    Desktop - LoanSphere Invoicing
    PO Box 842651
    Los Angeles, CA 90084 - 2651

Overnight payments can be sent to:
    Black Knight Financial Services - LoanSphere Invoicing
    ATTN: G. Kispert
    1270 Northland Drive, Suite 300
    Mendota Heights, MN 55120
For questions regarding your
LoanSphere™ Invoicing account
    For disputes regarding your Vendor Monthly Statement only, please email This email is for questions regarding
    your payments to LoanSphere™ Invoicing.

    All other inquiries or requests for assistance should be directed to your
    Customer Service Representative.
Implementations/Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing     Sales and Marketing,   ,   

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